Terms of Service

Must pay using Paypal through goods and services or friends and family (if applicable)! I am willing to make edits to the product within reason, abuse that and I simply won't do the edits taking too far. It's a rare thing that a client would get mad, but in certain situations I will have to stop working temporarily and work on another project till we can figure out the situation. Refunds are not allowed, I will instead fix the banner to what it should be. Do not order from me if you don't like my work. I am a reasonable guy, and going to put in the effort which is required, but please realize I have other services to get done. But anyways, I love you all, and Banners is a HUGE part of my life, so thank you for supporting it! When you pay you are agreeing that you have read all above, and agree to any changes made within the time of the service of the product.

1.3 Don’t like a product? That's okay! Tell me upfront the situation you have with a banner, normally the first thing I send is NOT the final product, it’s normally something which I am willing to edit to make it even more to your liking. That normally doesn’t mean I will redo the banner, but in certain situations I will as at the end of the day it’s my goal to expand and enhance my portfolio to attract more clients.

1.4 Do note that if you purchase the '$40 package' then I may not be willing to make all requested adjustments free as you pay the lower price which doesn’t wave the edits fee... But, you can pay a little extra to have what you want completed.

By purchasing a service from me, you agree to this terms of service.

If you agree to the terms, Contact Me!

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